Continuing Education


We have extensive experience in forensic science, education of forensic scientists and the delivery of continuing education for attorneys, scientists, police officers, investigators and other forensic science professionals.

For example:

  • Emergence of Scientific Latent Print Practices - Implications for Defense Attorneys, Prosecutors and the Courts
  • Loss of Fingerprint Exemption - Implications and Opportunities for Defense Attorneys
  • Testimony and Presentation of Evidence - Sensibly and Scientifically Meeting the New Challenges
  • Useful Evidence from Latent Prints that Do Not Meet the Threshold for a ‘Match’
  • Physical Evidence - Issues in Determining Reliability, Evidential Weight
  • Putting Individualization and Errors in Context: What forensic science has been doing while you ignored it, why you should be thankful, and how you can help, now that you’re interested