Who we are

experts in forensic science and particle combination analysis

Stoney Forensic, Inc is a privately held small business based in Northern Virginia. Founded in 2000 by Paul and David Stoney, we have completed major government and commercial projects as prime contractor, sub-contractor, consultant, and subject matter experts. This work has produced scientific breakthroughs reflected in publications and presentations, and significant customer value reflected in available references and testimonials.

We have two primary areas of expertise:

Analysis and Interpretation of combinations of particles (Particle Combination Analysis) and Forensic Science and Legal Support, particularly relating to Physical Evidence and Latent Prints.

Our Particle Combination Analysis Solutions can provide:

Program Managers - with game-changing solutions for program-level problems linking or determining the origins of people, evidence, locations and events
Existing Forensic Laboratories - with a new capability enabling you to make use of a large untapped source of evidence
Companies that offer solutions using instruments, devices, or chemical analysis - with a whole new category of traces that can be used to enhance their products and services
Researchers - with a largely un-explored area to include in your R&D

Our Forensic Science Services can provide:

Defense Attorneys
- A broader and stronger basis for challenging latent print evidence than is generally used
- A means to effectively screen large amounts of physical evidence to identify and exploit opportunities for successful challenges
- Training and continuing legal education in forensic science and fingerprints
- A means to obtain useful evidence from latent prints that do not meet the threshold for an identification
- Support strengthening processes for conducting, documenting and presenting evidence in ways that will be scientifically defensible
- Training and continuing legal education in forensic science, evidence interpretation, and presentation
Laboratories and Forensic Scientists
- Evidence interpretation
- Case audits, process review and improvements
- Training

Our Staff and Resources
Paul Stoney, Managing Director
David Stoney, Chief Scientist
Particle Analysis Resources