Review of Processes

Approach and Programmatic Implementation of Forensic Science Capabilities

Stoney Forensic can assist laboratories and practitioners on adapting to the recent and emerging Changes in Forensic Science Profession.

Most external reviewers and forensic subject matter experts come from a background dominated by traditional practices and existing methods.  That is valid and valuable.  However it often misses the potential and perspective of ideas and developments outside of that box.  We provide a view from a different and broader perspective arising from a much broader scientific, academic, and historical background than is generally available.

We have extensive expertise as subject matter experts in forensic science, including

  • An excellent theoretical, historical and academic foundation in the forensic sciences
  • A broad range of experience in forensic science practice, education and research
  • Innovative and constructive contributions based on this foundation and experience
  • An extensive service record on forensic science review and advisory committees
  • Successful design, development, and program application of forensic science methods

With this background we can provide new and useful insights to long standing problems, with recommendations and training to enable forensic science investigators, laboratories and programs to:

  • Strengthen the scientific basis for laboratory examinations and presentation of evidence
  • Anticipate and adapt to impending or likely changes in the forensic science field
  • Achieve a better and more thorough understanding of the underlying science, historical approaches, and current challenges
  • Take advantage of new processes resulting from research (such as those in trace analysis, latent prints, evidence interpretation, and statistical methods) - that will become standard over time but which are available and can offer major advantages right now.